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Cleanroom Construction, Installation and Commissioning to ISO Standards

Clean rooms constructed  and installed to meet ISO class standards for applications such as hospitals, surgeries, medical device manufacturing, laboratories, electronics manufacturing, silicon wafer manufacturing, metrology labs, food preparation areas and more. Cleanroom installation and commissioning will often include installation of HEPA filters, laminar flow fixtures, temperature control (air-conditioning), entry and exit locks, gowning areas, ESD testing stations and ESD flooring.

Clean rooms are rated according to the ISO cleanliness standards from ISO 1 to ISO 9. The ISO standards for clean rooms correspond to a parallel US system (class 100, class 1000 etc). The cleanroom cleanliness standards refer to the number of particles bigger than 0.1 of a micron allowed in one cubic meter of air. For example, in an ISO class 4 cleanroom the maximum particle count is 10,000 particles bigger than 0.1 of a micron.


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3D Systems, On Demand Manufacturing - Asia Pacific
  Nunawading VIC
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