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Casting Processes - Sand Casting

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Sand casting is a process commonly used to produce castings in ferrous metals, aluminium, magnesium, brasses and bronzes. Sand castings are produced by making a sand mould by packing sand and binding agents around a pattern. The mould is made in 2 parts called the ‘cope’ and ‘drag’. The pattern is removed, leaving the 2 part cavity. Cores and inserts can also be made from sand and placed in the mould to produce undercuts, recesses, holes and channels.

Molten metal is poured into the sand mould and solidified. The casting is removed by breaking away the sand mould in a process called ‘shaking out’ which can be automated. The sand casting process itself can also be automated for high volume ferrous casting although die casting is typically used for high volume non-ferrous casting.

Sand casting is a low-cost method of producing metal components. Sand casting is also quite capable of producing accurate components with good surface finishes.


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Harrop Engineering Australia
  Preston VIC
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