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Casting Processes - Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting Process, Lost Foam Process

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Investment casting can also be known as the ‘lost wax’ or ‘lost foam’ process. A model of the finished part is made from wax or foam including the runner and riser system. This model is packed into fine fireclay or plaster and heated in a furnace. The heat fires the ceramic or plaster and melts the wax. The wax is poured out and the molten metal poured in and cooled. In the case of lost foam process, the foam evaporates when the molten metal is poured in. The casting is removed by breaking away the ceramic mould.

While investment casting is a more expensive process than sand casting, investment casting is capable of producing high quality, high accuracy castings with excellent surface finish. Investment castings can often be made to final sizes, ready for use. Due to the ability of breaking away the mould, undercuts and recesses are easily possible with this process.

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