Heading Common Questions
  • Do I need any special software or training to use ManufactureLink's online services?

    No. You need nothing more than a computer with an internet connection and a web browser to use all of the system's functions.

  • Can I direct my customers to my supplier showroom as my company website?

    Yes you can. The supplier showrooms are viewable just like any other web page. A supplier showroom URL is entered in the standard format of www.manufacturelink.com.au/suppliers/company-name.aspx

  • I have a manufacturing process which is not in your categories. Can I add more categories to the list?

    In many cases this is possible. You can simply contact ManufactureLink using the feedback form and suggest a new category. ManufactureLink will review the suggestion and add it on if we feel it is an essential process for the system. You will be notified when the category has been added.

  • What sort of industries does ManufactureLink's services cover?

    ManufactureLink facilitates manufacturing for almost any industry imagineable. We cover light engineering to heavy engineering. We have suppliers who are small, one-man operations right up to large manufacturers having hundreds of employees. We have engineering firms servicing the mining and railways industries. We have ISO9100 accredited suppliers servicing the aerospace industry. We have ISO13485 accredited suppliers servicing the medical device manufacturing industry. Our suppliers provide manufacturing services to the defence force, government, agriculture, marine and transport industries and much more. Our manufacturers can provide manufacturing services for any size part or project for practically any industry imaginable.

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