Heading Medical Device Manufacturing

Australian Medical Device Manufacturing Network

ManufactureLink is the central sourcing hub for those seeking manufacturing of medical devices or components for medical devices and products from Australian suppliers. ManufactureLink has an in-depth knowledge of accredited medical manufacturers and non-accredited manufacturers supplying services to the Australian and global medical industries. Best of all, using ManufactureLink's online services to locate manufacturing expertise in Australia is free-of-charge.

Extensive Network of Medical Manufacturing Capability

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ManufactureLink's medical manufacturing network includes (but not limited to) capability and expertise in medical plastic, certified cleanroom moulding, cleanroom assembly, micro-electronics, hybrid electronics, validated testing systems, contract sterilisation, medical packaging and labeling, titanium component machining, machined and stamped components for implantable devices, micro-machining, turnkey contract medical manufacturing, micro plastic molding, micro laser welding, ND:YAG laser cutting, metal injection moulding of titanium, ceramics and other materials, validated cable assembly, interconnect moulding, over moulding of micro-electronic circuits, validated PCB manufacturing and pick-and-place PCB population, final assembly and test of electro-mechanical devices, laser ablation of micro structures, prototyping, advanced materials research and development, research materials supply, clinical trials, medical product design, medical device manufacturing system design, product validation, regulatory approval process consulting and product commercialisation.

ManufactureLink has in their medical device manufacturing network manufacturers who hold TGA licenses to manufacture, medical manufacturers accredited to ISO:13485, manufacturers with FDA approved facilities and medical manufacturers experienced with the regulatory approval process.

ManufactureLink's medical manufacturing network also extends to other contract biotechnology manufacturers such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, cell culture manufacturing and clinical trials.

Australia - A World Class Medical Manufacturing Destination

All of our medical manufacturing network members are Australian or New Zealand companies. Australia offers the highest quality manufacturing services to be found any where in the world. The Australian manufacturing industry is at the forefront of cutting edge engineering and offers the latest in advanced manufacturing technology and new materials technology. By using Australian companies you can be assured of the security of your valuable intellectual property and be comfortable knowing the quality is guaranteed. These are fundamental requirements to manufacture and export quality medical devices.

Australia also enjoys a stable political environment and one of the healthiest economies in the world. Australia's proximity to Asia makes it an ideal location for manufacturing medical devices and medical products to export into Asian countries. Medical products made in Australia enjoy a strong reputation for quality and reliability, giving manufacturers a key competitive edge over product manufactured in other countries.

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