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ManufactureLink is owned and operated by AMTIL (Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited) who are the peak body representing the advanced manufacturing industry in Australia.

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AMTIL's philosophy is all about:Connect. Inform. Grow.

By this we mean:


We connect you with other successful people in the industry to do business, share ideas or connect you to any assistance you may need. We achieve this through this ManufactureLink website, our networking functions, our annual Austech Exhibition, our national conference and regular member calling program so as we can better understand your business.


We keep our members informed about all the latest developments in the industry whether it be technology related, government related, opportunity related or economic related. We achieve this through our monthly E-Newsletter, our popular AMT Magazine, the Austech exhibition, our national conference and our networking functions, not to mention this ManufactureLink website.


We help our members grow by providing them with opportunities to market their businesses at various entry levels whether it be exhibiting at our annual Austech exhibition, AMT magazine advertising and editorial opportunities and the powerful Industry Capability Directory on this site.

AMTIL Membership is the ultimate tool in helping industry participants to be Connected. Informed. and Growing.

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