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Who We Are

Tradiebot is spearheading the INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution providing automated solutions
and new skills for the automotive collision industry.



What We Do

Tradiebot is developing technology platforms that integrates digital wizardry, robotics, scanning and 3D printing. Our smart platforms will integrate knowledge and expert systems that can fast track training and deliver an up-skilled workforce. The global manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation with how work is to be done. We need to be smarter, faster and more agile to accommodate the rapid changes in market demand. Tradiebot is developing the technology to adapt, repair and rebuild, our systems bring knowledge and mastery of skills to your fingertips with a tap on a touch screen. Design detail and sophisticated machines will take the time and tedium out of even the most complex preparation and repair processes. We’re both pioneer and a fast follower. With an evolving technology platform we will become the definition of innovation, pushing the boundaries and continuing to learn.

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