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Who We Are

Romar engineering provides a complete service for those who want to produce a product from rubber, plastic, or silicone. We also offer a complete turnkey solution for medical device manufacturing.

The choices we have available are able to cater for your needs from concept through to production. Our clients are both big business and backyard inventors.

If this is a new area to you, don't worry; our staff are friendly, approachable and here to help you make informed decisions on how you should proceed.

Rapid prototyping is a speciality at Romar. There are many different techniques which can be utilised depending on your exact requirements.

When choosing the most suitable technique, the biggest influencing factors are the number you require and the material they are to be made from. As a general guide our most commonly used techniques are shown on our website.



What We Do

Rapid Prototyping
3D printing
Silcone tooling, soft tooling
Bridge tooling, rapid tooling
Liquid Silicone Rubber Moulding (LSR)
Medical plastics
Toolmaking and tool design
Industrial Design
Plastic Moulding
Rubber moulding
Complete electro-mechanical medical device manufacturing
Product commercialisation

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