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Who We Are

Objective3D are Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of Stratasys 3D Printers, the world’s largest 3D printing company.
We have a vast range of industry related experience in both sales and service of 3d printing and manufacturing machine technologies.

Objective3D have local representation in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

With multiple 3D printing technologies at our disposal, we consult with prospective customers to analyse and unearth the most appropriate solution for their business.
Getting this right is crucial to a successful 3D printing implementation.

From entry level Concept systems, Functional Precision Prototypes, 3D printed jigs and fixtures, all the way to 3D Production Systems (producing production parts without tooling), Objective3D provide professional solutions for all your development needs.



What We Do

We Supply:

1. Affordable, High Resolution 3D Printing for Your Office. High resolution 3D printing with 28 micron layer thickness isn’t just for big-budget enterprises. With Objet’s family of low-cost desktop 3D printers, designers and engineers can build true-to-life models and prototypes featuring ultra-precision details straight from the office desk.

2. Eden 3-Dimensional Printing Systems offer unprecedented return on investment (ROI) for professional rapid prototyping applications.

3. The Objet Connex family of multi-material 3D printers are precision tools for turning creative ideas and designs into uniquely realistic models, parts and prototypes. It gives designers and engineers the power to explore and innovate and helps them to make the right design choices, fast.

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